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Have you ever listened to a piece of music and felt the hairs on your arm instantly stand on end? I have felt this with many artists; Christophe Beck, Dario Marianelli but none have made me feel “all the feels” quite like the music of Murray Gold and the wonderful, heart-breakingly beautiful compositions he has created for Doctor Who. His music combined with the emotional, funny and sometimes scary scenes within the show definitely stir a reaction of some kind in anyone who hears it. I have put together a collection of my favourite pieces from 2005 onwards. I havent placed them in order because I love each piece as much as the last.

1. 10th Doctor’s Theme 

I started with this because it has both the 9th and 10th Doctor’s Themes in it. Here it is used in a scene

Thank God for Mark Gatiss (Robot of Sherwood Review)


Ok, those of you who read my thoughts on last weeks episode will be happy to know that the series is finally winning me over! I did start to wonder if it was just me going off the series but after re-watching previous episodes I realized I was still hooked (to the point I just bought a police box, tardis blue, man bag and the 50th book “11 doctors, 11 stories”). So I knew I was still an avid Whovian and after tonight’s episode I can safely say that, when the time comes for Moffat to leave, Mark Gatiss should DEFINITELY take over as head writer of the series.

 ”Robot of Sherwood” had some amazing moments! Im liking that even with his dark side still intact, the humorous side of The Doctor is starting to come out again! The sword fight with the spoon was brilliant and “Diseases! If you were real you’d be dead in 6 months” “I am real” “……Bye!” floored me! The series is finally, for me at least, starting to build some momentum. I think this is for a few reasons!

Im glad Missy wasnt involved in this episode. I felt, even though it was only 2 episode in, she was shown a bit too much. We need to find out more of the story for us to find her intriguing (think Madame Kovarian and her limited appearances before we knew what was happening). If Missy is going to pop up every episode it would have been more frustrating than anything in the long run so her absence in this episode left room for “paradise” to settle in our minds.

The archery scene was brilliantly delivered. Robin Hoods attitutde compared to The Doctor’s reminded me of David Tennant and Matt Smith’s “comparing screwdrivers” scene from the 50th.

I love Jenna Coleman but im finding her quite irritating lately. It ties into what I said last week. That the writing is making her that way. I can understand why people felt she was so irritating in the last series but I saw that as us trying to figure out who she was. We know who she is now. Lets move on from the irritation! I felt she was used as a scene filler in this episode. Her scene with Ben Miller was very good and her mediation between Robin and The Doctor in the dungeon was quite funny but other than that I felt she over acted a lot!

All in all I liked the episode and it has restored my faith in the series. Im starting to feel excited about the direction of the storyline. What did you all think of the episode?

So Far NOT So Good

So, my dear followers, I just finished watching “Into The Dalek” and I have to say, aside from some good points, I’m very disappointed, not only with this episode but with this series so far! Im liking the darker tone and darker side to The Doctor but something is missing. Im still optimistic but I just feel theres a spark missing from series 8. Capaldi is terrific but the writing is lacking. I do have a theory though. At the beginning of the episode, we never see the face of Journey Blue’s brother and we never actually see him die. Clara makes the connection that she met “Danny Pink” and we know he is a soldier! Could Danny be Journey’s brother!?

23 Days of Trivia


Daleks first rose above their perceived stair-phobia in 1973’s Planet of the Daleks where, thanks to an anti-gravity mat, a single Dalek pursued the third Doctor up a ventilation shaft. 

It was in 1989’s Remembrance of the Daleks that a Dalek first elevated up stairs under its own propulsion, much to the Doctor’s shock. 

Since the series returned in 2005, Daleks have been flying all over the place.